Case Study | Platform Action

AHEAD | Platform Action Case Study


To deliver full testing services within a quality sensitive financial platform against a backdrop of frequent deliveries of propositional, BAU and regulatory change.


The partnership between AheadMG and Platform Action resulted in a test strategy that was business driven and made acceptance more certain and engaging for all key stakeholders. The strategy paid specific attention to ‘locking in’ the multiple suppliers to ensure one strategy was understood and acted upon by all. This dynamic Test offering underpinned by the use of high calibre platform test resource, helped underpinned the launch of one of the UK’s leading platforms. By understanding the delivery and organisational set up of the client and suppliers, AheadMG were able to introduce a repeatable test framework and tool set which helped increased throughput, shorten delivery timelines and improved quality from the client’s technology partners. For example the introduction of a static review framework and collaborative early sight client/supplier testing contributed towards the defect ratio reducing by a third. Testing a Product rather than a bespoke application requires different practices and techniques to ensure success with focus on integration and regression at the heart of the strategy.

Over a 4 year period testing was delivered safely, efficiently and by using the dynamic platform test resource, over all test resourcing numbers were kept much lower than comparable platform test teams. Release on release the end client saw defect ratios reduce allowing for a more predictable and streamlined test phasing. Using innovative and cleverly designed testing framework, Platform Action were provided with accurate and real time Management Information allowing them to manage the complete delivery lifecycle successfully. AheadMG, via Platform Action have been responsible for Testing of the Client’s platform since launch and continue today to support their significant deliveries.

“We are the leading platform delivery consultancy because of our collaborative way of working with and managing suppliers on behalf of clients. It’s vital in our continuing success that suppliers we work with share our same values to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. AheadMG have excellent platform domain knowledge and experience and always seek to exceed our expectations. We believe using AheadMG for our client’s test requirements is a no brainer”

Richard Budnyj, Client Director Platform Action