Change and Engineering

To strive and survive, organisations have to evolve. This statement has always been true, but with global networks and empowered digital advocates the pace in which this has to be achieved has never been greater.

Keeping up with new methodologies and understanding your SAFe from your Scale@Agile can be perplexing, especially where trailing and adapting to these new techniques within heavily regulated markets.

Pandora is out of the box, and modern ways of working are here to stay, with significant advantages to realise if the vision and the implementation is supported and appropriate to the client’s needs.

Roles no longer need to be defined as either management or technical, as increasingly individuals are required to hold a range of business and IT technical skills, delivering processes and solutions which are underpinned by rich domain experiences.

Strategy 2 Implementation

AheadMG seeks to provide a capability to clients which supports this journey and exhibits these skills and experiences. At the outset of any new change management or engineering engagement, the priority is to understand the client’s business, people and processes. This upfront analysis will ensure AheadMG build appropriate and realistic strategy and delivery models which are accepted and underpin the existing organisation culture. Our change specialists will then look to work in partnership with the client:

  • Establish & Vision
    • Design and implementation of delivery / project foundations, ensuring a common, known and acted upon strategy and set of criteria success factors
    • Selection of frameworks & tooling, with intelligent adaption where required to fit the specific needs of the client
  • Secure and mobilise
    • Deployment of Agile Squads and Change specialist to embed and run capability
    • Incorporating DevOps, Software Engineers and Quality Specialists to embed the ways or working, accelerating the setup of effective patterns and cadences
    • Coach and support the client acclimatise to the new ways of working through repetition, training and check back against the vision (and MI to prove value)
  • Full Lifecycle Delivery
    • Orchestrate delivery across the formed squads, delivery agents and within the wider programme and business units, ensuring safe and controlled environments where risks are known and acted upon
  • Optimisation and Monitoring
    • Through real time MI, identify and eliminate waste
    • Shifting right to understand customer characteristics and insights which drive changes and improvements in approach

Our engineering function builds on these principles, bringing together Development and Operations capabilities to deliver faster, higher quality outcomes, ensuring each step of the process is automated through continuous integration, continuous deployments (CI/CD).

  • Automate at every opportunity, building repeatable outcomes at pace
  • Achieve faster deliveries through to production
  • Quality built in at every stage
  • Empowered cross functional teams who support deliveries through into Production estate
  • Build and operate at scale, gaining benefit from automated steps and quality checks

Establishing and operating with a CICD pipeline will see teams code integrate automatically, benefiting from peer reviews, SAST vulnerability checks and alike, before build components are deployed to target environments through release pipelines.  Automated quality checks provide a measurable control gate, ensuring against technical debt transferring to the next stage of the lifecycle.

These practices can be further enhanced via Continuous monitoring along with a strategy of Shift Right. Monitoring across the stack, including Production will provide valuable insights into system performance and user characteristics, allowing teams to adapt and prioritise change.

Our Change and Engineering transformation services can help organisations succeed through agility.

Overlay AheadMG deep rooted culture of Quality Assurance at every step, will ensure a successful outcome and engagement.

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