Cyber Security is quickly rising up the agenda of most CIOs, with large fines, reputational damage and above all the prospect of potential criminal charges and even prison time.  To ensure personal information remains secure and does not get accessed by unknown or malicious users, it is vital to conduct security testing. Successful security testing helps protect application stacks against a range of threats including loss of data or malware. It can also help ensure coding’s standards are adhered to and environments remain in step following deployments or change.

With the development of new methods, tooling and not least the switch to incremental delivery, organisations no longer need to solely rely on costly and time-consuming Penetration testing (although to a lesser extent, there is still a place for this requirement).

AheadMG can facilitate a shift to a faster, modern and more cost-effective model, finding vulnerabilities as they are introduced rather than at the end of a project or through an annual pen test (which may be too late to prevent the vulnerability from being exploited).

Working with clients existing tooling (or utilising AheadMG recommended toolset), AheadMG can provide a range of services and orchestration. Though understanding the client’s delivery model, application stack and cadence, AheadMG will seek to establish a governance and full end to end model which includes designing process lifecycle, scanning via the pipeline at the earliest opportunity, vulnerability detection & management reporting.

Focused Case Study

AheadMG were engaged to support a transition from relying on traditional external penetration testing via specialist 3rd parties, to a modern incremental security assurance lifecycle. Utilising a range of existing supplier tools, AheadMG integrated security testing into a complex sprint model deploying both SAST and DAST capabilities.

Once the core capability was embedded and baselines established AheadMG worked with the client to establish patterns and governance, ensuring any security vulnerabilities had a clear and acted upon remediation path.

Once mature, AheadMG implemented a number of supplementary automated processes and controls, further removing manual intervention and helping to raise the profile of the current security vulnerabilities to individuals sprint teams and snr stakeholders alike.

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