There’s not much you can’t do in Excel / Word, and for the last two decades they have been supporting change practitioners, plan, prepare and manage their delivery activities successfully. This said SDLC Management Tools can dramatically improve your capability, whether its defect management or underpinning the full application lifecycle. There is a catch, while up-take of such tools is now widespread – the value to be achieved from these tools is solely dependent on the way they are implemented/configured. Get it wrong, and you are effectively no better off than using Excel. Get it right and you can instantly gain back your competitive advantage. Delivery becomes predictable, measurable, controlled, cost effective and above all enables fact based conversations on risk, quality and outcomes.

At AheadMG we have been through this journey many times and have the experience to work with you in the selection, implementation and configuration of your SDLC Management tools, whether it’s dusting down your existing tools set or supporting you in the selection and implementation of brand new tools we can help.

For one off projects or fully adoption across the organisation AheadMG can provide ‘battle ready’ cloud based Management Tools with pre-installed / custom configuration and workflows. For short term assignments or where multiple third parties are involved, such an offering could provide your organization with a quick to market solution, underpinned by as much or as little support as you need. Every instance is 100% secure, hosted in the UK and ready to go.

Focused Case Study

AheadMG was recently engaged by a large Financial Services company to improve and interlock their defect management system with their main supplier. Their existing processes were fraught with manual keying, duplication and constant challenges being able to reconcile an accurate position.

Following the mapping of the clients critical success factors, AheadMG recommended and implemented an automated solution that not only self raised tickets in the suppliers tool in real time, but also maintained a real time sync'd of the status of the resulting ticket. As a result of the integration, the client was able to instantly rely on their tool acting as the source of truth, allowing both client and supplier to talk in the same defect currency.

Savings were calculated at 35mins per defect, however the true benefit came from the improvements to the quality of MI and further interlocking of the client and supplier's ways of working.

``The solution has been a lifesaver, a huge amount of time saved!`` Snr Platform Business Analyst

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