Risk Based Testing is one of those terms that is widely used, but also widely misunderstood and abused. At AheadMG we don’t see it as a means to de-scope tests when deadlines are looming, rather an intelligent way to focus testing effort in the right areas ensuring key defects are located and removed from your system.

Taking into account business and system risks embedding Risk Based Testing should start with the strategy and be consciously acted upon throughout the test lifecycle. Implemented correctly testing can achieve quality outcomes without placing unrealistic demands on the budget and timeline.

It provides a mechanism to be intelligent about your testing matching the test objectives with the business drivers of the project – using Risk Based Testing can prevent a test team from over and more importantly under testing a system, ensuring buy-in from stakeholders throughout the test process.

Whether its reviewing your strategy or implementing a full risk based testing framework AheadMG can help ensure core defects are removed from your system early in the lifecycle without the need for a blanket test approach.

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